How to Tie Fashion to Fitness
April 8, 2014

Fashion brands are introducing gym gear lines. Here's how to add style to your workout and wellness promotions.

Thirsty for Sales
February 1, 2012

More than ever before people are grabbing their own personal water bottle and heading off to school, the gym, the office or anywhere else they might want to fill up with some liquid refreshment—without leaving an environmental footprint.

Huffermen Announces New Sales Team Hire
August 30, 2011

Huffermen Incorporated, a Phoenix-based manufacturer of plastic bottles and promotional products supplier, is pleased to announce the addition of Harry Fotopoulos to the company's sales team.

Drinkware tips from Huffermen
April 20, 2010

Our April issue has been out for a little while now, which among other things, contains my amazing, fantastic and generally mind-blowingly great drinkware story. It contains advice and tips from drinkware experts at Huffermen,, Visstun and Moderne Glass on how to sell different kinds of drinkware, like sports bottles, glassware and travel mugs

Liquid Assets
April 1, 2010

One of the most tried-and-true promotional products, imprinted drinkware is almost an accepted ubiquity in life at this point. This is great news if you're a distributor looking for a reliable promotion, because chances are any venue or event you can think of offers an opportunity to sell imprinted drinkware.