Heritage Sportswear

Editor's Picks: Transitional Tees
November 9, 2011

Brisk. Chilly. Crisp. Equinox-y. However you want to describe early fall and spring weather, one fact is true: it wrecks havoc on the sleeve-length-deciding portion of a person's brain. Is it too cold to rock a T-shirt? What if there's a lot of sun where you're going and you'll die wearing a hoodie? But then what if it gets really windy and the cool breeze just ravages you're uncovered forearms?

Editor's Picks: The Ecology
June 22, 2011

June's Promo Marketing STYLE features a product spotlight on green apparel, which led to one of the greatest dilemmas of my career as an editor: trying to come up with headline not based on "Bein' Green."

Get Swatch Cards at Heritage Sportswear
March 16, 2011

Heritage Sportswear Inc. has compiled a 2011 Swatch Card Binder, available at www.heritagesportswear.com. This sturdy 1.5" binder contains swatch cards from ten of the industry's most popular mills.