Golf Plus

A Good, Long Drive
March 19, 2009

GOLF IS A game of increments and minutiae. Misjudge a stroke by one millimeter, and a killer drive ends up being a killer search through the woods. Appropriately, golf promotions require the same kind of precision. A campaign that is even slightly off can land product meant for a promotional hole in one right into a sand trap.

Creativity is Fantastic
February 17, 2009

I thought this week I would share something I learned recently that might be of use to you all as well. (as opposed to what I normally do when I write these posts, which is close my eyes and mash my palms into my keyboard until I’m at 500 words or so.)

Golf Plus Offers Callaway Line
November 18, 2008

Golf Plus announced it is a Callaway-authorized supplier of Callaway and Top-Flite logoed golf balls as well as the complete line of Callaway, Odyssey and Top-Flite clubs, golf bags and putters. Golf Plus, a Cleveland-based promotional products supplier, will soon be celebrating its 15th year servicing only promotional products distributors. About Golf Plus: Golf Plus’ philosophy has been to offer factory-direct shipments, believing that golf manufacturers develop decorating techniques that best complement their coatings, fabrics and finishes and cause the least harm to the environment. For more information on Golf Plus, visit

January 30, 2008

One of my favorite things about being an editor is that more often than not, real-life interests and passions actually intersect with what you are asked to write about. In this month’s magazine, I was happily immersed in the minutiae of political products and campaigns, which affords me the luxury to poke some fun at politics in the middle of my thousand or so words. I think, no matter who you are rooting for (or against), it’s good to try and see the lighter side of life. Next month I again get the chance to mix work and pleasure, namely, in