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2021 Supplier Excellence Awards Showcase: ADG Promo Products
December 17, 2021 at 9:51 am

ADG Promo Products finished as a finalist for five different awards, including the heavily contested Calendars, Writing Instruments and Mugs & Tumblers categories. That showing is a testament to the supplier’s diverse product offering, yes, but also its focus on service and customer experience...

Penciled In
June 1, 2012

With half the sheets torn out of your 2012 calendar, now's the time to plan on fill those pages up again. Make sure to mark off these 11 tips when planning your next calendar or timeplanner promotion.

Save the Date
June 1, 2008

WOE TO SIDEKICKS. The ever-underrated second banana never gets his moment in the sun. Worse, they’re the ones who usually have to take the bullet so the hero can live to fight another day. Replaceable, that’s what they are. Sure, time can fly, heal all wounds and save nine in a single stitch. But without its partner, the calendar, what would be there to bring order to time’s crazy impulses? OK, so the calendar has a tendency to run out when time has seemingly met its match (i.e. December 31, every year), but it always comes back renewed, and ready to face another day.