American Greenwood

Stress Your Way to Success
December 1, 2014

It's possible selling stress reducers and office toys can cause distributors unnecessary anxiety of their own. Promo Marketing spoke to some of the industry's top suppliers to learn more about stress reducing products so you can decide which are best for your business.

Editor's Picks: Are You Ready for Some Football?
October 16, 2013

Even if your clients don't have the resources to supply end-users with a party bus painted in team colors and decked out with grills, flat-screen TVs and hot tubs, they can still help tailgaters with these game-day essentials.

Talk To Me
July 1, 2012

There will always be a need to find a cure, to spread awareness, to connect. In turn, Americans have built a diverse, multibillion dollar industry by volunteering their time and money to drive attention to important causes.

Main Squeeze
December 1, 2011

Working in sales is stressful. Selling stress relievers shouldn't be. Here's how to make stress ball sales success easy.

Product of the Day: 1-1/2" Round Magnet from American Greenwood
August 29, 2011

Copywriting: When it fails it's as dull as C-SPAN with the volume unmuted, but when it succeeds? Like your birthday eve combined with the seconds before your first kiss and that time you thought you might have seen Edward James Olmos at Sbarro. Example: "Noise Funk" is possibly the most beguiling and intriguing phrase ever printed on a button. Can you do better? Why not try with American Greenwood's 1 1/2" Round Magnet.

From Patriotic to Practical
March 1, 2011

There are a great number of reasons to buy American, ranging from weighty political and moral concerns to the basic business practicalities of running a physical product-based business.

Personality and the Workplace
September 1, 2010

Drones, cogs in the machine. Lumpy sacks of caffeine and economic anxiety. There are endless metaphors for the sameness of office workers, and while these descriptions make for great narratives in punk songs and movies like The Matrix, they don't have much use outside such literary bends-of-the-truth.