Rick Brenner

Rick Brenner
Protecting Your Client's Brand

Sell your client a promotional product that enhances their brand and you're likely to have a happy customer for a long time. Sell a product that embarrasses the brand and the cost for everyone involved could be astronomical.

Tracking Label Requirement Still Vexes Suppliers and Distributors

In the four years since the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was signed into law, the promotional products industry has struggled mightily to figure out how to apply it to what we do every day. Nothing has come easily. Perhaps because most promotional products don't start out as children's products and perhaps because the "toys" we sell are mostly for adults, there always seems to be a "yes, but" when we try to understand CPSIA in the context of the world we live in.

Compliance is Not Enough for Safe Promotional Products

If attendance at ICPHSO's 2012 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium is any indication, then the promotional products industry should feel proud of the strides it is making in product safety awareness.

Is It a Toy? We May Find Out Soon.

Think you know a toy when you see one? We should soon find out if the Consumer Product Safety Commission agrees with you.