Rick Greene

Rick Greene

Rick Greene, MAS, is regional vice president at HALO Branded Solutions and member of the SAAC board. His blog covers a wide range of sales and management strategies.

Supernova Success Equals Organizational Skills

Time to spill a few more sales secrets, kids! And these secrets are organizational in nature … This past week, I once again sat down with a multi-million-dollar producer and interviewed her, trying to uncover attributes, work habits and her secrets of success. Just call me Bernstein from The Washington Post. Wait, maybe I should…

A Run in Her Silky Sheer Black Stockings

As she slowly pulled the sheer black nylon stocking up along her shapely leg, her bright red fingernail caught at the edge, causing a fresh run to skittle down her thigh toward her shimmering midnight calf. OK, as much as I love them, that’s about all we’ll be talking about black stockings in this article.…

Being Bob Hope: Becoming an Iconic Brand Superstar

Those of you who know me personally know that I am a film buff, and classic comedy historian and collector. I’ve been a member of The Sons of the Desert, the international Laurel and Hardy organization, since I was 15 years old, and I founded the Cleveland, Ohio, branch of that organization in 1973.

A Cycle Of Engagement

In 2015, the journey of the promotional products professional in shifting prospects to clients is more challenging than ever. With the Internet, email, texts and blog postings added to phone calls, direct mail, meetings and cold calls all constantly interrupting the day, there is so much noise out there to overcome!

Source Your Inner Iron Man

Be a hero. Look for opportunities to swoop in and save the day. Source your inner Thor or Wonder Woman. He's in there. She's in there. How do you do it? It's all about attitude—and having a superhero state of mind.

The Pen Story

This is a story about stellar salesmanship. About selling value, not price. About connecting with your audience and creating relationships. This is The Pen Story.

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Land New Business

LinkedIn is a happening place. It is the unsung hero of social platforms and it can indeed be used to obtain new business. Here are five approaches for you to use LinkedIn effectively.

Shock Therapy for Social Media

One area that we can always improve on is the circus known as social media. I suggest you take a hard look at who you are on Facebook and LinkedIn and give your profiles some shock therapy.

Trade Shows Are Forever: A Be Bold, Be Different, Be Memorable Thriller

The scent and sweat and stale-roasted almond stench of a trade show at 3:00 p.m. can be deadly. Greene was trying to get out of the massive hall without being spotted by an enemy ... or an ex-girlfriend. Someone came up behind him from a darkened booth. Greene felt something cold and hard press into the small of his back. A gun muzzle?

Crank It, Baby!

Hi there, all you Bold, Different and Memorable Sales-Type People. Ponder this scenario with me, won't you? It's December 26 and the fourth quarter of 2013 is one week away from entering the history books ...

The Price Is NOT Right

The lowest common sales denominator in our industry is the product-based sales person, i.e., promo-peddler, trunk-slammer, tchotchke-chucker, ad nauseam. The mere fact that you are reading and digesting this means you most likely aren't one of those. I'm addressing this article to you—the thinking sales person, the promotional partner, the extension of your client's marketing department. You Think, Therefore, You Am. (I gotta stop talking like I'm Popeye.)

Love You. Mean it.

I'm just back from last week's incredible SAAC Show, and it got me thinking about all the great people I worked with there and an article I wrote years ago, for the now-defunct Corporate Logo Magazine, about appreciating the important staffers all around us. Here is that article.