Rebecca Kollmann

Rebecca Kollmann
Swing All the Way Through

From time to time, I’ve written about a situation involving one of my kids, and after observing something recently, it’s a huge metaphor for what every one of us does in our busy lives.

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year when the world looks fresh and clean—for those of us with winters of snow, we begin seeing robins and green grass. Regardless of where we are, there’s something about spring that is bright, sunny and new.

Give the Gift of Time

None of us have the time we’d like to accomplish what we need to get done. Time is a precious commodity—both in the business and personal sense. With more time, we can get more sales, make more money, spend more time with family and friends, and invest in things we enjoy.

Taming the Monster

Today, we’re going to look at something very small, but also very important. It’s unseen by many, lurking in the shadows. If left alone, it will mushroom and infiltrate communication channels everywhere. Like a virus, it is contagious. For those who recognize its quiet fury, there is a look of sorrow and shaking of the head. No hazmat suit can protect us, however, a dictionary can.

Going Direct

I thought that would capture your eyes today because it’s a perennial hot topic in our industry. Today, we’re going somewhere else–interpersonal communication—that thing where a message is sent from one person to another, and another message returned. Interpersonal communication can be in-person, over the phone, through email or text–you name it.

Create an Experience

There are times when we do everything we can to reach our goal as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

Connecting—Not a New Concept

We’ve all seen ways to buy and sell—from brick-and-mortar to online shopping; from receiving letters to being deluged with email. The handwritten card seems to be the new way to cut through the clutter that we created by trying to reach buyers on their terms. The irony is that the everyday interpersonal medium from our pre-1990s world is becoming a little more exciting simply due to its rarity.

Group Text

Group texts fall into the same category as "reply to all" in an email. They have their place, but should be used sparingly. There are a number of uses for the group text feature on our smartphones.

Rebuilding an Attitude

Those of you who know me know that I’m an avid follower of a number of sports, and a big fan of my daughters as they’ve played volleyball and softball over the years. There’s a lesson one team learned recently that we can all take and apply individually–or to a work team, if we have one.

Create Your Own Storm

When someone says, "Let’s brainstorm," it brings to mind a few different feelings. The creative part of me loves to brainstorm new ideas or ways to look at things. The "let’s get to it" part of me sometimes sighs at the concept, knowing that it could take us off on tangents and eat valuable time. Overall, brainstorming is a positive concept—it harbors innovation and improvement, creativity and teamwork.

Adapting Your Style

Many of us have taken a behavioral style inventory at some point in our careers. While the intent of these inventories may differ based on why we are taking it, most of the time they are to improve communication between people of different styles.

Making The Right Splash at The Show

We're getting into the 2014 winter trade show season and anyone reading this has varying experiences with past shows. You've either participated in several and know exactly what you want to accomplish—or you have attended few (or none) and may have levels of excitement or anxiety. 

Is Experience the Enemy of Innovation?

One of my former marketing professors at a large, local university recently asked me to help judge upper-level marketing presentations with other area marketing professionals. The small, group presentations were based on either a product introduction or a new marketing plan for a small business facing an issue.

What's in Your Walk-In?

Applying lessons from the famous "walk-in kitchen inspections" of restaurant rehab shows to keep your business sparkling and impressive.

Teamwork: The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

We're in the throes of football, post-season baseball, volleyball—whether we're watching a game live or remotely, we experience joy or frustration while watching our favorite team. When our team isn't doing well, the frustration can cause us to throw things at the TV, leave the stadium or say things that we wouldn't say in a house of worship.