Mary Ellen Nichols

Mary Ellen Nichols
The New Cape for Super Heroes

The best thing we can do as garment counselors is to make our clients look like heroes to THEIR end-users. The perfect apparel category for that? Jackets.

I’ll Shop There FOREVER

What is your special advantage? Your mojo? Your secret sauce? What gets customers ringing your phone, locked onto your website, calling you "the only game in town" for them?

“May There Be More of Us”

On each and every Thanksgiving, my Father—a simple man, cowboy and alfalfa seed farmer originally from the Montana badlands—upheld his patriarchal honor to begin our feast with a humble short-and-sweet toast. From the time I remember him playing peek-a-boo with me, until the time he played peek-a-boo with his youngest grandchild (my daughter) until his passing 19 years ago, he would proclaim the same, simple wish for all: "May there be more of us next year."

Make It All About THEM

The next time you truly want to wow your VIP customers, make it not about YOU, but about THEM. It just might make the difference between you and that other competitor just as hungry for their business

Neons - For Standing Out or Saving Lives?

Duality. Utility. Form meets fashion. Isn't that how many of our sportswear trends are developing these days? Shirts that work. Jackets that move. And now we have colors that captivate and catapult us out of harm's way.

Back to School for EVERYBODY

A month or two from now, many of us will be delivering orders for this year's back-to-school programs. As we're selling those programs, we need to keep that feeling of what it's like to be the new kid on the block in the back of our minds.

I'm Selling Athletic Wear?

Take it from the perpetually last-to-be-picked-at-dodgeball sideliner, you can be a winner at selling athletic wear, but you've got to learn the lingo.

Not Your Parents’ T-shirts

While picking up my daughter after her freshman year of college this past week, I had a chance to see the spring of T-shirts in full bloom everywhere.