Lisa Horn

Lisa Horn

Since 1998, Lisa Horn, CAS, (a.k.a. The Publicity Gal) has been reporting on the issues that matter most to the promotional products industry. Currently, she writes about brand safety and responsible sourcing on behalf of Quality Certification Alliance (QCA). Reach her at

Are Promo Industry Firms So Desperate For Short-Term Gains That They’re Willing To Gamble Their Future?

Taking the initiative to ensure safety and responsibility throughout the entire supply chain not only protects the brand equity of end-buyers, but also secures our livelihood in the promotional products industry. Sure, you could continue to gamble by ignoring product safety and responsible sourcing in order to achieve short-term gains, but the safe bet is to invest in the policies and procedures to protect the entire supply chain...

Rationalizing Your Way Out of Responsible Promo Sourcing

To justify taking the easy way out and not having the harder, more educational conversations with their customers, both suppliers and distributors tell themselves all kinds of lies: “My customers aren’t asking for it,” “My competitors aren’t doing it,” “It’s too expensive” and “No one has been caught.” What they may not realize is that these lies are costing them business...

Promo Buyers’ Expectations: Can You Meet Their New Demands?

What do promo buyers want? Like really want? That’s the $64,000 question. Since there’s no magic potion to drink so we can hear what others are thinking (that’s only on the silver screen, thankfully), we not only have to listen to what customers are saying, but we also must interpret their often unvocalized expectations. Case…

5 Ways to Complete an Outfit and Get Brands Noticed

When it comes to corporate fashion, accessories give brands another touch point—one that complements garments in a traditional apparel program. For distributors, accessories offer an additional revenue stream that may have been overlooked.

Best Dressed in 2014

Clothing: it's one of of the most apparent ways we express our personalities. When it comes to corporate apparel, there are more options than ever before. How do you navigate the seemingly endless garments on the market today and make sure your clients are best dressed in 2014?

Chef's Choice

Whether your joy of cooking comes from simple flavors or complex gastronomical experimentations, having the right tools is key. Find a recipe for promotional success with the tips below.

Universal Appeal

There's a reason why more than a billion dollars worth of promotional desk and office products are sold every year: They're effective. From sticky notes and pens to journals and mugs, the items we use during every workday are the perfect vehicles for promotional advertising.