Gabby Houck

Gabby Houck
How Tags and Labels Can Enhance a Branding Experience

Labels and tags can be used to further enhance a brand and tell its story in greater detail. And as we enter the new year, distributors should be privy to what they can offer so their clients’ brands stand out and stay on people’s minds.

Xbox Just Dropped a Bluey Themed Console with Matching Controller

Once again, Xbox’s rectangular console has shown an opportunity for simple but straightforward branding. We’ve seen it with pizza-scented controllers for the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” movie, and a dreamhouse-themed console for Barbie.  Bluey: The Video Game, based on the hit Australian animated children’s show “Bluey,” hit shelves last week. And while the…

PRINTING United Session Tackles Environmentalism in the Promo Space

As buying habits are skewing greener and greener, especially as younger generations age into being the primary targeted end-user demographics. Millennials and Gen Zers want products that they can feel good about using. For suppliers, decorators, and distributors, it's crucial to learn about how your product offerings can be more environmentally friendly. A session yesterday…

Beat the Competition with Sports and Outdoor Products

For those tailgates, kids’ soccer games, or watch parties, people are going to need coolers, reusable water bottles, pennants — the list goes on. This is where promotional product distributors can jump in.

Spreading Brand Awareness With Promotional Packaging

Packaging plays a huge role in branding, image, and overall judgment of a product. Even though it typically gets torn apart, discarded, and eventually thrown away, packaging will always set the tone. It’s what takes a product from being great to being amazing.

Choosing Sustainable Bags that Don't Sacrifice Fashion

Sustainability is often at the forefront of most people’s minds. Increasingly, people are finding ways in their everyday routines to live green with the help of reusable water bottles, dryer balls, shampoo bars, and — most importantly for this article — reusable bags. As the usage of single-use plastic bags continues to decline, with major…