David Bebon

David Bebon

David J. Bebon is CEO of DBEBZ Apparel, a manufacturer of woven and knit sport shirts. Before that, he was executive vice president of Capital Mercury Apparel for 18 years. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Zoe and four children. Bebon is a frequent speaker and presenter at industry trade shows and is contributing writer for several trade publications.

Fishing Shirts, Camp Shirts and the Promotional Lifestyle Apparel Explosion

I have two favorite lifestyle apparel pieces that I am constantly running into in my travels: the caped vented fishing shirt and the square-hemmed bottom camp shirt. These two very distinct styles have a long history in American fashion, and in recent times have seen a major increase in everyday wear by the American consumer.

King Cotton: the Past, Present and Future of the Promotional Apparel Staple

A look at the history of cotton, from its explosive growth in the Civil War-era U.S. to its increased production worldwide to its current status as king of the apparel industry. Also, the lowdown on cotton's place in the promotional apparel market and the trends to expect for fall 2018 and beyond...

How Women's Apparel, Unisex and the Corporate Market Has Changed (and How to Sell It Now)

Many years ago, when my company entered the promotional products marketplace, we were told that every style of apparel we introduced must have a women's companion piece. This women's apparel companion style should be manufactured with the exact same fabric as the men's styling—but be distinctly “women's” in make and silhouette. The theory and logic…

The Flannel Phenomenon and Decoration

Long thought to be untouchable for our marketplace, retail-style patterned plaid flannel shirts were rarely found in promotional products channels because there was always that nagging question of embroidery...