Brent Stone

Brent Stone

Brent Stone is the executive director – operations for the Quality Certification Alliance. He offers practical approaches for applying compliance as part of your business strategy in order to differentiate yourself in our crowded marketplace.

The Five Stages Of Compliance Grief

Interesting parallels between The Five Stages of Grief and the path our industry has taken when approaching the topic of product safety and compliance.

Collaboration Always Delivers The Best Solution

The message is clear: Fortune 1000 companies are fully aware of the need to protect their brands, and as such, they expect their distributor partners to deliver safe and compliant products.

Why You Should Be Qualifying Your Suppliers

When selecting a supplier for an order, there are many factors that should go into your decision. If you stop at who gives the biggest rebate or has the shiniest new products, you are taking on more risk than you might imagine.

When Do You Have Enough Compliance?

I was recently asked this question by an industry-leading distributor. He regularly has to field compliance inquiries from his customers and is frustrated by the wide range of responses he gets from suppliers.

Compliance Programs Take A Village

The best solutions to complex problems have always been found through a collaborative effort. And this is true in our industry; it truly takes a village to successfully deliver product safety and compliance.

Should I? Or Shouldn't I? The Value Of A Compliance Program

Our industry seems to be struggling with the question of whether or not to commit time, effort and money to developing compliance programs. It's an oversimplification, but you can group our industry into five basic categories on this topic.

The Product Safety Journey

Like success and life, product safety and compliance programs are about the journey rather than the destination.

Risky Business

I often get asked which product categories are at the highest risk for causing harm to people and damage to an end-user's brand. My regular answer applies a reasonable amount of common sense.

The Inevitability Of Change

Promotional products have been making headlines lately. Unfortunately, it's not in a way we want.