Brendan Menapace

Brendan Menapace

Brendan Menapace is the content director for Promo+Promo Marketing.

Delta Apparel Receives Unsolicited Offer to Sell Salt Life Brand

Delta Apparel, Duluth, GA, has reportedly received an "unsolicited offer" to purchase its Salt Life business unit. According to a press release, Delta's board of directors has engaged with a financial advisor to explore possibilities for the sale. "Our Board of Directors and management team are committed to maximizing value for Delta Apparel shareholders, and…

Ashley McCune Steps Down as Facilisgroup President

The Pebble Group, parent company of St. Louis-based Facilisgroup, announced today that Ashley McCune is stepping down from her role as president of Facilisgroup, and will leave the business on Friday, Oct. 6, 2023. McCune took the role of president in 2020, after founder Dan Rochette and chief business development officer Martin Weber retired. Former…

Crayola Goes Beyond Clothes for Colorful Kohl's Co-Brand

When it comes to color and creativity, there aren't many brands that come to mind more quickly than Crayola. After partnering with Vans for a customizable line of sneakers, Crayola is partnering with Kohl's for an exclusive co-branded apparel line for kids, which rolls out next week.

Aldi Expands Its Branded Merchandise Universe with Back-to-School Products

It seems like Aldi really is committing to this seasonal merchandise drop thing. It would be reasonable that a grocery chain wouldn't keep up with its planned releases, but another seasonal line just came out. This time Aldi is bridging the gap between the warm days of summer and the chillier fall evenings, transitioning into…

Decoration Lessons from Fanatics' Crooked Football Gear Problem

A Philadelphia Eagles fan went viral after calling out the crooked print on a Fanatics T-shirt. Other fans chimed in with their own stories of Fanatics' printing errors — usually crooked names and numbers. Even a giant company like Fanatics makes mistakes, but these are unforced errors for a printer.

Chick-fil-A Is RSVPing to Wedding Invites With Branded Promo Kits

Couples have been sending wedding invites to brands like Chick-fil-A, which has RSVP'd no, but sent along a congratulatory branded kit with apparel, accessories, free food vouchers, and more. The top-to-bottom branding experience creates goodwill with customers and a positive link between the brand and a happy day.