After our July longform on the gifting-as-a-service model and the startups like Snappy, Alyce and others getting big venture capital backing to "reinvent" corporate gifting, Seth Weiner, president and CEO of Sonic Promos, joined the show to dig deeper into the model and what promo companies can learn from its rapid rise.

Seth believes that distributors are leaving money on the table by sticking to an outdated one-size-fits-all approach to promo, and that providing solutions similar to those offered by gifting-as-a-service companies is not only possible, but crucial for the modern distributor. He shared how Sonic Promos is making it happen.

Also, kitten talk!

Plus, Sean and Brendan talk top cereals after the Reese's Puffs/Cinnamon Toast Crunch promo news and rave about Oreo's branded merchandise prowess. (Remember the Roomba?) This is why you don't record right before lunch, folks.

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