It's the Promo Marketing Podcast: SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER EDITION! On this episode, Sean and Brendan kickoff summer movie season with a look at some of the great (and not so great) promotional marketing behind "Deadpool 2," "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" and "Solo: A Star Wars Story." Also, we take a trip down memory lane to talk about movie marketing from the past. Do you remember that impossibly bad Roland Emmerich Godzilla movie from 1998? We do! Mostly because of the marketing, which may or may not have involved P. Diddy (née Puff Daddy), Taco Bell, and copious amounts of branded drinkware.

But that's all just the teaser trailers to this episode's main attraction—an interview with industry A-lister and CEO of Facilis Group, Chuck Fandos. We talked to Chuck about the promo industry's overall tech adoption, how distributors are using technology to run and boost their businesses, the increasing divide between large and small companies when it comes to tech and, most importantly, focusing on relationships. That last one might seem out of place for an episode on technology, but stick with us—it'll all make sense in the end!

Plus, don't miss it as Brendan performs a stunning rendition of the "Jurassic Park" theme. (Please don't sue us, Universal Pictures!)

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