Non-fungible tokens—better known by their acronym, NFTs—have been one of the hottest topics on the internet, recently making the jump from cryptocurrency-related obscurity to headlines in the world's largest news publications. It's easy to see why, considering one NFT just sold for $69 million at auction. But NFTs are still a relatively new concept that plenty of folks are still trying to wrap their heads around.

Not for Barker Specialty Company, though. The distributor is on the leading edge of the NFT movement, already exploring how and where NFTs fit in promo and experimenting with their own NFTs. The company is also working to spread the word about NFTs, even publishing a web page designed to educate clients and industry peers. Gerry Barker and Max Barker joined the show to tell us more and take us through the exciting possibilities (and expectations) for NFTs.

Plus, Sean and Brendan make a special contribution to the internet's 20th anniversary celebration of "Shrek" by discussing one of the most over-the-top promotional products ever created: the Shrek TV! And they recap two fun stories from the week: Starbucks Korea starting a promo gold rush and Ball Park's grill-marked summer merchandise.

View the Shrek TV in all its swamp-green glory here.

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