Scott Pearson and Scott Edidin are a couple of promo industry veterans whose newest venture, 6AM Sourcing, officially launched in March. The custom apparel and promotional products company has a vision to develop Mexico as a region for compliant and socially responsible manufacturing and sourcing—and it's further along than we may think.

The two Scotts joined the show to talk about how they started 6AM Sourcing, Mexico's surprising manufacturing capabilities and some of the custom programs they've executed for customers so far (including one involving a large number of pinatas). They also shared firsthand analysis on the state of the promo supply chain and how North American sourcing is alleviating some of the logistics and supply chain pain points caused by the pandemic.

Plus, Sean and Brendan react to the news about Paul Bellantone joining HALO Branded Solutions and discuss the greater implications of the Biden administration's new mask design challenge/contest.

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