U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Cut Sportswear Tariffs
June 8, 2011

The reintroduction of a bill that would eliminate tariffs on imports of some recreational performance apparel into the U.S. has been welcomed by trade groups representing outdoor, apparel and footwear firms.

The bipartisan U.S. Optimal Use of Trade to Develop Outerwear and Outdoor Recreation (OUTDOOR) Act would benefit products like jackets and pants for hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding, its supporters say.

As well as making these items more affordable for consumers, it would encourage participation in outdoor activities, and help designers and retailers of performance apparel better compete in the global economy.

In a Recession, Dress Up To Cheer Up
January 20, 2010

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with Executive Apparel's president and its director of product development in Orlando, Florida. In desultory fashion, we discussed the weather (unusually cold for Florida this time of year) and the economy (not so hot either) over dinner until someone raised the subject of socks. Suddenly the evening sprang to life: The men pushed their chairs back from the table and rolled up their pant legs.